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Dr.Malvika Zantye

Physician Malvan Sindhudurg.

  Our journey with Eureka science club started in the in 2019 when my daughter Gayatri Zantye was in the 6th Std and decided to give her Homi Bhabha exam it was also her introduction to science as in Physics, Chemistry and Biology as various subjects.
  She enjoyed learning the subjects with Keni Madam where science was seen in everyday life in the kitchen,in the garden and in the markets ( vegetables markets and grocery shops).Keni Madam made learning science a joy and fun trips to science exhibitions, farms and mangrooves made the experience even more enjoyable.
  The first research project in science she did on corals was a good experience to know what research is how to gather data,tabulate it and then present the paper at various scientific conferences ,schools and colleges. Every little talk, presentation and success of every child is appreciated and applauded in this group. The experience and confidence the students gain in oration and public speaking was invaluable as a skill. Then came covid and with no online schools in Rural Sindhudurg keni Madam's science classes and Pangam Sir's Maths classes online were the only sources of learning these 2 most important subjects for our children and fortunately these classes made sure they got a strong foundation in these subjects.
  Keni Madam and Pangam sir being extremely patient make sure that each child's question is answered and the child's curiosity to ask queries is always appreciated. I am glad to know that this small club which started as a small group in Keni Madam's home is now a huge school and project the only thing I can say is " Ma'am, May your tribe increase and May God give you more strength to continue to enlighten many young minds .You are the reason behind shaping the lives of a lot of young doctors, engineers and scientists in this district

Dr.Vivek Vijay Parkar

Scientific Officer, BARC, Mumbai

  Eureka Education is institute in intself.It started with a vision to promote scientific attitude and values in daily life of individuals. know Eureka team from last 2 years where each and every individual associated with it work with huge dedication for the upliftment of talent especially from rural India. I wish all the very best for their bright future and wish many more students get the benefit of this and also return back to society so that the cycle continues for next generations

Govind W. Gawas

Sr. Manager Berger Becker Coating, Goa

  Eureka Club, Sindhudurg is engaged in several academic and social outreach activities. Eureca's commitment to improving science education & extend awareness about science in Children & society. They are learning of basic sciences exciting through excellent integrative teaching driven by curiosity and creativity. Sushma Keni Mam & Bhushan Pangam sir & entire Eureka Team have took up a challenge to share their knowledge and stir up an Educational Revolution in the Sindhudurg District.

Ad.Vilas Parab

  गेली अनेक वर्षे सतत नाविन्याच्या आणि नवनवीन उपक्रमांच्या शोधात असलेल्या सिंधुदुर्गात कार्यरत सौ. सुषमा केणी यांनी त्यांच्या Eureka Science club च्या माध्यमातून कित्येक विद्यार्थ्यांना त्यांचे यशस्वी career घडविण्यात मदत केली आहे याचे आम्ही जवळचे साक्षीदार आहोत. या club चा आपण माझी विद्यार्थी आहोत ही भावना club मध्ये सामील असलेले सर्व विद्यार्थी अभिमानाने व्यक्त होताना दिसतात .मॅडमच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली शिकलेले विद्यार्थी आज IIT, IISER यांसारख्या नामवंत भारतीय संस्था तसेच अनेक परदेशी Universities मध्ये शिक्षण घेत आहेत. गेल्या काही वर्षांत Eureka Science club चा रत्नागिरी, कोल्हापूर, गोवा या भागात झालेला विस्तार पाहता इतर जिल्ह्यांतील विद्यार्थ्यांना Club च्या उपक्रमांमध्ये तेवढ्याच हिरीरीने सहभाग घेता यावा त्यानी ज्ञानी व्हावे याकरिता केणी मॅडम Eureka Science club ची official website launch करीत आहेत ही सुरूवात खूप स्तुत्य आहे. या website चा लाभ संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रातील विद्यार्थ्यांना होणार आहे. या web site मुळे Club च्या प्रत्येक नवीन उपक्रमांची माहिती सहजपणे विद्यार्थ्यांना आणि पालकानाही समजणे अधिक सुखकर होईल . Eureka च्या संपूर्ण team ला या website launch साठी शुभेच्छ !

डॉ सुप्रिया मडव

  शाळेबाहेर सुद्धा जग असते , शालेय पुस्तकांएव्हडे किंबहूना त्यापेक्षा जास्त निसर्ग शिकवतो ... आर्या आणि वेद यांना याचे आकलन केवळ युरेका मुळे झाले. मुलांच्या सर्वांगीण विकासात , जडणघडणीत युरेका चा वाटा फारच मोठा आहे. मुलांना सर्वच क्षेत्रात यशस्वी करण्यासोबत निसर्गा बद्दल प्रेम, आपुलकी , समाजातील विविध घटकांसोबत प्रेमाची वागणूक... आर्या , वेद यांना पुस्तकाबाहेरील हे शिक्षण केवळ सुषमा केणी मॅडम आणि युरेका यांच्यामुळे मिळाले.

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